It's important to have the right gear when out on the road.  Maybe there is a product you have heard about but not sure if it is worth the expense.  This page highlights some of our favorite gear you will find in our store.



Klim Arsenal Vest

The shortcoming of a backpack design is that the weight is, by definition, all on your back. By balancing the load more evenly around the rider's torso, the Klim Arsenal Vest allows for effortless cargo carrying and better control of the bike. Featuring massive, intelligently-designed cargo compartments, massive ventilation, ingenious functionality and limitless adjustability, the Klim Arsenal Vest is the complete, expedition-ready cargo solution.


  • Large cargo capacity riding vest with load-bearing design
  • Fully adjustable via shoulder, side and center straps
  • Over-jersey/over padding design
  • Three main large storage areas
  • Three chest pockets
  • Two large waist pockets
  • Ambidextrous pistol storage with included holster
  • Removable/integrated Klim tool pack
  • Spacer mesh design increases airflow/comfort
  • Includes Klim 3 liter hydration bladder
  • Molle webbing hydration tube routing
  • Hydration mouthpiece retainer







Hyperkewl Evaporative Cooling Vest

Hot summer days can make it pretty unbearable when out for a ride.  These Hyperkewl vest do a great job of keeping you cool!  

Having ridden in sweltering conditions without an evaporative cooling vest, I can attest that TechNiche’s Hyperkewl vest provided remarkable relief. I never got that scary throbbing-head, cold-chills sensation that is the precursor to heat exhaustion. Sure, my head was sweaty in my helmet, but my core stayed cool and I stayed comfortable.